Cleaning Persian Rugs In NYC Is What We Do Best

These days, you won’t find a home that doesn’t have at least one rug or carpet. Most businesses use these too. Rugs have been serving home and business owners well for thousands of years, and these days they’re still sought after because they’re visually appealing, versatile, and unique. Persian rugs are, for example, some of the most unique and exotic rugs out there, and this is why many will pay top dollar for a good Persian rug.
But Persian rugs, just like all other rugs, don’t stay in good condition forever. If your rug is in an area which experiences high foot traffic, you may begin to notice signs of wear and tear, dirt, dust accumulation, pet hair, and a bunch of other aspects you don’t want to be seeing. Food and drink spills can also diminish the visual appeal and value of a rug, and so can pet stains and odors.
When a Persian rug has gotten too dirty to bear, it’s here where our trusted and preferred team should be contacted. We’ve been delivering expert rug cleaning services for years, and this is why we’re a top choice for those who need Persian rug cleaning in NYC. When we’re done with cleaning, your rugs will not only be spotless but sanitary as well. They’ll be free of odors and soft too. What more could you ask for?

Our Services

Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning specialists use top-of-the-line cleaning products, industry-leading cleaning practices, and the best tools to make rugs clean. No Persian rug is too old or complex for them.


Rug Restoration & Repair

The rug restoration services we deliver are useful and affordable. Whether you need rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, or rug fringing, we’ll be able to help you.


We Can Clean These Rugs And Many More

These days, there are thousands of rug types. While this may seem like a large number to some, it’s not to us, as we can clean any rug that comes through our shop. Whether a rug is 100 years old or boasting an incredibly complex design, we can clean it. We mainly clean Persian rugs, but we can also clean these ones as well.
Synthetic rugs
Wool rugs
Silk rugs
Area rugs
Kilim rugs
Oriental rugs
Polyester rugs
Bamboo rugs
Shag rugs
Velvet rugs


We Serve Home And Business Owners In NYC

Our company has been trusted and preferred by both home and business owners for years, and that’s because we go above and beyond to deliver for our clients. We’re in a referrals-based business, which means delivering first-rate customer service one time could yield many more positive interactions in the future. We’ve been promising our clients our best since we first opened our doors, and these days we’re still delivering on that promise.


We Can Deliver Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Want us to clean your rugs only using eco-friendly cleaning products? We can accommodate this request. You won’t have to worry about our green rug cleaning products damaging your rug—we’ve been using these for years. These products are also safe, so you don’t have to worry about them harming young children or pets. When we’re done, your rugs will be spotless and sanitary, and at no cost to the environment.