Rug Restoration Services Can Be Advantageous

Persian rugs are some of the most appealing rugs out there right now, and they've been sought after for thousands of years. These rugs boast unique designs and color schemes, and they are also quite soft when they're taken care of properly. But a Persian rug isn't impervious to wear and tear, and if you're using a rug in an area that has high foot traffic, there's a good chance that your Persian rug will get dirty and beat up eventually.
When this happens, this doesn't mean your Persian rug is destined for the trash. No, instead you can get rug restoration services from our team, as we've been delivering these for years. Our restoration services will bring life back to your rug, and you won't have to consider replacement ever again. When we're done with cleaning and restoration, your rug will be a compliment magnet again. We're often called to deliver rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, and rug fringing. To know more about these common restoration services, read through the sections below.


A Rug Will Benefit From Recoloring

The rug recoloring service our experts deliver will bring life back to your Persian rugs. No rug is too old or complex to be recolored, and our experts have been performing this restoration service for years. You won’t regret getting your rug recolored. We will handle your rug with care throughout the entire recoloring process, so you won’t have to worry about your rug getting damaged. The rug dye we use will stay once it has been applied, and you won’t have to worry about us messing up your rug’s unique design.

Reweaving Is A Useful Rug Restoration Service

This is a restoration service that’ll save your rug from an untimely end. Owners of Persian rugs aren’t the only ones who can benefit from getting rug reweaving. Those who own Moroccan rugs, oriental rugs, kilim rugs, and Turkish rugs also need reweaving often. This can be performed once or twice a year—it’s up to the rug owner. When we’re done with reweaving, your rug will be sound and visually attractive again. Reweaving can help a rug that experiences high foot traffic often.

What You Should Know About Rug Binding

When a rug owner gets a binding service from us, it’s usually because they don’t want to put a beloved rug out in the trash. We understand this feeling, and that’s why we deliver an effective binding service. We can bind a Persian rug using either binding tape or a special sewing machine—we’ll pursue the method which is best for the rug. When we’re done with binding, your rug will be sturdy for many years to come.

When Rug Fringing Is Absolutely Necessary

This is an important Persian rug restoration service, one that we’re always happy to provide along with Persian rug cleaning in NYC. A rug’s fringe is often considered to be the most important part, and when this begins to unravel, such can be a very bad sign for the rug overall. If your rug is in such a situation, don’t worry! Just get help from us. We’ll be happy to provide it. We do rug fringing fast and for an affordable price.